Texas Tea and Podium Pointers

Texas Tea and Podium Pointers

Howdy Lifeleaders!

This is busy conference season so before we head to Atlantic City, Vegas and several cities in between, I decided to take time out on the sunny beaches in Texas. Texas? Yep. Sunny, 85 degrees and never crowded. Besides, there’s always great company and quiet time in Texas that helps me focus for my busiest time of year. Where’s your unsuspecting favorite place to create and contemplate your best life? More importantly, how often do you get there to prioritize your integrated wellness?

When I help clients create message discipline for their teams and events, I remind them of three simple rules that have worked well for executives at all stages of their careers: Be brief, Be brilliant and Be brief. We’re so overstimulated today that it’s more important than ever to engage our audiences with brevity and impact. So how are you showing up?

I’ll be hosting a webinar on “How to Wow Your World” if you’d like to refine your messaging skills. This session will help leaders that have to make compelling introductions at business events, pitch a product or present content to a group. Engaging speakers are skilled students that have studied the art of presentation and persuasion. Interested in improving your success with a professional speaker that’s helped hundreds? Share your goals at DonnaLynSpeaks@gmail.com and learn details for limited spots.

Join our next enlarging engagement near or far that aligns with your interests. Details at www.DonnaLynSpeaks.com. If you’re connected to our work, we’d be grateful for a “like” or “follow” at @DonnaLynSpeaks on FB and Twitter. Recently joined the Instagram wave… Holding out on SnapChat, although am watching their IPO with interest today to stay young and fun. Stay connected.

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