Sourcing Success

Sourcing Success

Originally Published in Living Well Magazine January 2018

I spent the holiday season being inspired. How about you? As we move into the month of resolutions and solutions to improve our lives, here are three things to consider:

1.     Inspiration is everywhere. You don’t have to travel far to appreciate miracles and momentum. You do, however, have to show up well and be open to possibilities. So, how curious are you? When is the last time you asked someone to “tell me more” or “help me understand” before dismissing an idea as crazy, old school or impossible? Over the holidays, I read a memoir entitled Driving Miss Norma. The autobiography was about a feisty, wise woman and her family that creatively responded to a serious health challenge. Miss Norma’s response was “I’m ninety years old and I’m hitting the road!”. This inspirational book was enjoyed in front of the fireplace but  ignited so many ideas on what is possible despite age and adversity. Miss Norma is a role model on how to live fully with gusto.

2.     Inspiration is inclusive. While Miss Norma’s story was largely about her individual experience on the road, traveling with family made all the difference. I was inspired over the holidays by a community conference at Brookdale that celebrated Second Acts. For a closer look at some standout stories, check out and/or follow my speaking colleague @DonnaCardilloRN for more inspiring ways to craft your best year with family or friends. One takeaway was certain: Pulling back as we age is a disservice because we are more diverse in experience than ever before. So what are you creating in 2018 to showcase your talent and time?

3.     Inspiration is intergenerational. I was in Minnesota recently presenting on leadership at a national conference for women in financial services. I almost didn’t arrive thanks to the flu that leveled me for three hours from Newark to Minneapolis. As I crawled off the plane, I marveled at the magnificence of the strangers that helped me land on my feet. My travel companion was a retired physician from Nigeria that helped me stay calm. Our middle aged flight attendant couldn’t have been more accommodating and the baby faced pilot helped me get off the plane. When I got to the shuttle service, a random millennial cancelled her transport to accompany me to my hotel before she pursued her path. Angels of all ages were a giant source of inspiration and a reminder that good people are everywhere.

So, whether your new year’s resolution is to reinvent, reconstruct or reimagine parts of your life, remember to take notice of the inspiration all around you. It’s there, waiting to be discovered and shared. Read a reframing book, attend an empowering conference or take a trip to meet new friends of all ages. Just skip the flu and live well!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is the CEO/President of DLG Consulting, an integrated leadership training company that supports talent agility and skills development. Conference keynoter and executive coach, she delights in helping others develop resiliency and reinvention at SM @DonnaLynSpeaks IG@DonnaLynConsults