Passion Projects: Red Bank Couple Enriches the Lives of Others

Passion Projects: Red Bank Couple Enriches the Lives of Others

Photo above: DonnaLyn Giegerich and Tom Zapcic at home with their dogs – Hanna and Hank.

Their story is one of resiliency, community outreach and a passion for enriching the lives of others. Tom Zapcic and DonnaLyn Giegerich have been together for over 30 years and those years have been spent creating; creating award-winning businesses, ways to serve others, inspiration and encouragement. Their lives are filled with art, words and stories of making a difference. They live lives bigger than themselves. They are the inspiration behind Kick Cancer Overboard, an organization that was created to send those who have been affected by cancer on an all-expense paid cruise. Tom and DonnaLyn host ‘Yoga on the Lake’ in their serene backyard during the summer months, to relieve business and corporate stresses for executives – and anyone else that wants to join. DonnaLyn is a nationally known motivational speaker with a passion to help others improve their leadership lives. Tom is a talented photographer who gives of his skill to philanthropic organizations. As a couple, they work both individually and together, lending their talents to be a change in the world.

DonnaLyn and Tom have been community-minded from the start, living in health and productivity with a zest for life. When they found themselves facing their own personal health battles, they saw it as call to action for them to do, be and give more. “It was our dual cancer couple crisis that propelled us to redirect both our professional and personal lives in ways that empower others,”…

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*Story: Shanna Polignone | Photo: Melissa Amorelli Photography