“Not Just a Daydream” Article: Amazing Woman #3 DonnaLyn Giegerich

“Not Just a Daydream” Article: Amazing Woman #3 DonnaLyn Giegerich

By Elaine Morales

Installment #3 of the Amazing Women Project…

Please close your eyes for a moment, and call up a time when you were overwhelmed to tears with the beauty of a moment, a person or a place.

Ohmygosh it feels so good to be high on love, on joy, on connecting with something Divinely inspired…doesn’t it?

For me, this happens at the edge of the vast ocean, being in the presence of a gifted dancer or athlete, lying with my head on the chest of a loved one, listening to a heart beat.

It also happens when I’m with DonnaLyn Giegerich, my Amazing Woman #3.

When the Creator put the spark in human beings and said – Go, be wonderful – DonnaLyn is what she had in mind, I’m sure. She is a prototypical human being, someone who spreads love and becomes a link in everyone’s chain. Her life force is so strong…that something-something that is more than our skin and bones so fully charged in her…that when you are with dear DL you can’t help but get zapped.

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