What’s Your Pivot Plan?

The winter season is a time of introspection, nesting and noticing a call for more quiet in our lives. We take cues from our beloved animals that hibernate and mother nature that ushers in seasonal changes to mirror our need for self reflection, deep rest and rejuvenation. The secular calendar reminds us to craft resolutions and the Solstice(Latin word for ‘stop’)encourages us to stand still to take stock. Once we’ve embraced these seasonal trends, how do we then forge on for renewed growth in the new year?

Here are three ways to craft a meaningful Pivot plan in 2017:

1. Lifeleaders that “play through the years” recognize that emotional agility is a key component to their successful lives. Much has been written lately on the importance of grit ( Angela Duckworth, PhD) and adaptability (Susan David PhD) as life skills to help us embrace disruptions in life. The good news is the ability to develop a meaningful “pivot plan” requires small, consistent changes that support our values to produce powerful results. The key, according to the research, is to prioritize self acceptance and to keep an open mind about our need for change in accordance with our inner wisdom and gut knowing. Small, conscious changes in alignment with the essence of who we are trumps big, dramatic shifts to impress others everytime. If your life is being directed by someone else’s expectations or another driving force that’s crippling your wellness and performance, it may be time to soul search during this Solstice season.

2. Lifeleaders embrace courage over comfort when it comes to crafting stretch goals in the new year. Moving forward to bring your best self forward produces its own rewards. If you’re considering a new career, starting a business or growing a family, ask others that have been there for wisdom, guidance and go to sources to empower your plan. Chances are there are blind spots you haven’t considered or untapped resources available to you that you didn’t even know existed before having these conversations. Going for what we’re passionate about even when we’re up against established interests or staggering odds can yield the sweetest returns on our efforts and enthusiasm. Never say never without doing the research first!

3. Lifeleaders know that the happiest people in the world are the ones that embrace a challenge with conviction for the benefit of the cause. They know shortcuts are few and that real results take time. They prepare their pivot plan with the understanding that the real joy of achievement is often in the struggle, not the prize. Learning to live for something outside themselves is the fuel that keeps their fire burning through all the seasons of their lives. Happy New Year!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is a resilient leader that embraces pivot planning for success. She is the co founder of KickCancerOverboard, a 501c3 that has helped send over 200 cruisers “to sea for free” after her dual cancer couple crisis. She is the President of DLG Consulting, a leadership training, keynote and coaching business in Red Bank, NJ. Learn more at

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA, CIC, RYT is the President of DLG Consulting, an empowerment speaking and training company. She is passionate about helping her clients improve their leadership lives. DonnaLyn has presented for corporations, medical conventions and leadership conferences to empower people and teams. Some of her clients include: Campbells, Novo Nordisk, Association of Professional Insurance Women and the National Kidney Registry.

DonnaLyn, will teach us how to improve our dominant messaging skills for more success in business and life. Learn more on LinkedIn/DonnaLynGiegerich, Facebook and Twitter @DonnaLynSpeaks


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DonnaLyn and Ted (past Spinnaker Award Winners) and Bruce from Rockit! (2016 Spinnaker Award Winner) would like to invite to you their Holiday Party and Fundraiser. For those of you, who are not familiar with Rockit!, the following youtube idideos speak for themselves:

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Please join us and help us make a difference! Sunday December 18, 2017
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We recently returned from a nine day tour of the Pacific Coast Highway in scenic California. Here’s what we were reminded of as a result of our surfin safari:

1. We’re all connected. We started our trip with a business conference in sippin Sonoma wine country. I keynoted at a senior insurance leader luncheon for the International Association of Claims Professionals. The topic was leadership resilience and the conversation with colleagues was connecting and encouraging for many. When we engage fully, we’re reminded of our collective efforts to insure, restore and endure as we share and craft meaningful solutions to life’s challenges. As Liane Cordes once shared, “Continuous effort…not strength or intellect is the key to unlocking our full human potential.” It’s great to be smart, but the long term imperative is to be effective, connecting and resilient.

2. There is an opportunity to create value everywhere. Social psychology is the scientific study on how we think about, influence and relate to one another. Long after the networking was done at this business conference, we continued to create meaningful connections with old friends from prior lives to new friends at trendy coffee shops. Exercising interest in others and being skilled at eliciting thoughtful responses always pays dividends on and off the job.

3. We are at our best when we have the courage to seek out new experiences or stretch assignments. Whether we ‘re finally having courageous conversations or losing ourselves to a passionate cause, we’re reminded that life doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. Going after what we want or feel compelled to share, especially if we’re up against established interests, requires our best energies without any certainly that we’ll be bridging any gaps. But it appears that the happiest people in the world are the ones that embrace the challenge for the benefit of the cause with courage and conviction. They learn so much by living for something outside themselves that the joy is in the struggle, not in the coveted prize.

Elevating Your Engagement

The American Society of Interior Designers believes that outstanding design can transform lives. Engaging well can have similar results if we remain committed to forging meaningful relationships. ASID’s recent state conference at the Molly Pitcher Inn in historic Red Bank, NJ gave members an opportunity to learn new skills and revisit teflon tips on how to continue to provide value for design clients while prioritizing self care.

So, if we agree as industry professionals that the ultimate deliverable is to help transform our client’s lives through design and authentic engagement, how can we stay on point post conference? Here are three tips to help you stay resilient in sharing your time and talent:

1. Stay current. The good news is data is a click away but are we stuck in myopic silos? It’s not enough to be a design expert if we’re trying to attract millennial talent to grow our business. Learn how they think, what they prioritize and how they could be a distinctly skilled advantage in your growth plans. Develop relationships that prioritize curiosity in lieu of judgement for productive success.

2. Manage your expectations. As Beth Comstock, vice chair at GE shares, we’re all spending our days managing tension. Practice patience. Develop a stress reduction plan that works for you. Research shows that the greatest leaders allow compassion to drive their teams, alongside focus and decisive action.

3. Be humble. Inc. magazine recently reported that 20% of CEO’s are psychopaths. Are you prioritizing skills and talent at the expense of character, empathy and team building success? The highest performing teams feel psychologically safe and free to create according to a compelling study recently conducted at Google. How is your company culture and how are you supporting a more enlightened leadership style? Feel free to share your thoughts at

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is an integrated business/wellness thoughtleader that helps brands build results. Learn more at and @DonnaLynSpeaks on FB & Twitter. Have a conversation at 732-547-0894.