Are You in Bounding Flight?

Are You in Bounding Flight?

I love this time of year listening to migrating birds make travel plans. Bounding flight is evident when small birds fly long, arduous distances in a graceful gliding position but sometimes have to flap like crazy to stay on course. Sound familiar? Many of us keep the pace for long periods of time and then find ourselves called to engage in short bursts of frenzied flapping to keep our heads above water. If you need to glide again and would like some support, drop me a line for our next coaching circle for birds of a feather flocking together for more success in business or life. Mention this email for 10% off private coaching for new clients thru October 2017.

Speaking of flocking together, I just finished Charles Vogl’s new book, The Art of Community..Seven Principles for Belonging which is well worth your time! He shares his principles for growing enduring,effective and connected communities which helps us help others in meaningful ways! Here’s where you might join us:

A big thanks to Marilyn Schlossbach’s team at Russell & Bette’s(the former What’s Your Beef restaurant in Rumson, NJ) for generously providing great food and a fun venue just before our big biking adventure in CT to cure blood cancers. Learn more about team effort and a kicking community at

We’ve established the #WomenWorking4Women scholarship fund to support local female college students with big dreams and proven track records of success. Care to join this community or know someone that would? I’ll be happy to share how this focused group of professionals is helping make dreams come true with their time and talent.

If you’ve got great recommendations for Minneapolis,MN, please share them as I take bounding flight to speak at another national conference empowering smart women in financial services. I’m looking forward to flapping and gliding into another great community of passionate people. Happy Fall!                   

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA, CIC, RYT
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DonnaLyn has been helping executives and leadership talent succeed with the intersection of her business building, conference speaking and wellness life. Catch her between keynotes and client care at 732-547-0894 for a conversation about your goals.

Photo by Tom Zapcic Photography