Being Average is out. Being Memorable is in. But how do we stand out as notable professionals in a world that spins to win at the speed of light?

Join Weichert in Waco Friday, Feb 16 2018 for a trending conversation on your resilient leadership skills. Learn tools and techniques to take your performance to peak levels regardless of your circumstances. Commit to considering a different way of working in the world that celebrates the power of languaging and the passion of purpose.

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT has helped thousands of leaders “improve their groove” in business and life. As a national conference keynoter, corporate trainer, resilience coach and wellness warrior, she is passionate about helping others lead to succeed. She’s here today to share what’s possible for you as a real estate renegade and persistent producer of results. She’s worked with executives at fortune 500 companies to emerging entrepreneurs from California to Cornell. In addition to being the President/CEO of DLG Consulting, DonnaLyn maintains business interests in two NJ insurance agencies, is a licensed realtor/title agent and college economics professor. She is an entrepreneurial consultant for the Small Business Administration at America’s Small Business Development Center and co-founder of an award winning non profit. To recharge, she teaches yoga around the globe in the sun for fun.

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“Ditch the Devices! Three ways to Divert your audience to a meaningful message.”

We can all agree that most people are distracted and overstimulated thanks to our time saving devices. While we enjoy a myriad of professional and personal benefits from our tiny little computers, my colleagues and I have often discussed how to keep our conference audiences tuned into our keynotes instead of tuned out by technology. Whether you’re addressing a large crowd or conducting a small corporate seminar, here are three tips to take your talk to the top:

  1. Open with a compelling, current trend or a research statistic that’s not widely known. All ages and levels of management want to stay current and relevant. When I recently addressed a wide spectrum of leadership at a national conference in Vegas, I was sure to share content that was relatable to senior and emerging talent. This increased my chances of grabbing the attention of attendees from the start. The next challenge was to keep them plugged in.

  3. Move your message with momentum. In other words, match the trajectory of your message with your energy. Most leaders in your audience are energy seekers. If you model enthusiasm for your material to serve them, chances are the audience will stay in the moment with you. You’ll know this by observing their body language and eyeball engagement. The goal is “heads up” and “thumbs off”, unless, of course, they’re favorably tweeting about your session.

  5. Connect your participants with their peers. It’s always an honor to get to know people on a more personal basis and that’s largely done through personal conversations. Whether you have an opportunity to introduce conference colleagues immediately after your presentation or take the time to connect them virtually post conference, showcasing genuine interest in the success of others is a win/win. Rarely are you the only stranger in the room. Most of the conference attendees I meet do not know the professionals around them because they’re coming from different parts of the world. What a great opportunity to be a connecting conduit for them!

Notice all three of these tips start with an action word: Open, Move and Connect. All require focused attention. After years of helping thousands of executives refine their leadership skills, I promise your audience will put their devices on silent when you’re actively attuned to their goals. Good luck!

My last leadership conference keynote in Vegas for the National Association of Insurance Premium Auditors confirmed a number of positive trends:

1. All generations of “smart” auditors are busy at work listening, collaborating and relating with one another to showcase a higher level of innovative thinking in the insurance industry.
2. All the leaders I met agreed that emotional engagement and caring about colleagues while delivering excellent work product will continue to be the imperative for work well done in the future.
3.  Embracing humility, curiosity and bias awareness will continue to be key leadership qualities as humans add value to work in a world of smart technology.

Would you agree? A great summer read for you might be Humility is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age by Ed Hess. I’d love to hear your reviews!

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DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA, CIC, RYT
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DonnaLyn has been helping executives and leadership talent succeed with the intersection of her business building, conference speaking and wellness life. Catch her between keynotes and client care at 732-547-0894 for a conversation about your goals.

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DonnaLyn has been helping executives and leadership talent succeed with the intersection of her entrepreneurial, speaking and wellness life. Catch her between keynotes and client care at 732-547-0894 for a conversation about your goals.

Not much of a slots gambler, but we did win big this month, so far. While at our annual Atlantic City Certified Insurance Counselor conference on Cyberliability and all things contracts, we were able to meet and greet new and longtime, trusted colleagues. Here’s what we learned:

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