By Elaine Morales

Installment #3 of the Amazing Women Project…

Please close your eyes for a moment, and call up a time when you were overwhelmed to tears with the beauty of a moment, a person or a place.

Ohmygosh it feels so good to be high on love, on joy, on connecting with something Divinely inspired…doesn’t it?

For me, this happens at the edge of the vast ocean, being in the presence of a gifted dancer or athlete, lying with my head on the chest of a loved one, listening to a heart beat.

It also happens when I’m with DonnaLyn Giegerich, my Amazing Woman #3.

When the Creator put the spark in human beings and said – Go, be wonderful – DonnaLyn is what she had in mind, I’m sure. She is a prototypical human being, someone who spreads love and becomes a link in everyone’s chain. Her life force is so strong…that something-something that is more than our skin and bones so fully charged in her…that when you are with dear DL you can’t help but get zapped.

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Living Well Column for Community Magazine/ August 2017

“A Nod to Nike”

Nike says it. Many of us try to live it. Just do it! Indeed, we did it this weekend in what Backpacker magazine calls “the most dangerous small mountain in the world.” Mt. Washington, in the White Mountains of NH, hosts approximately 250,000 visitors a year. Home of the world’s worst weather, Mt Washington sits at the intersection of several major storm tracks and is known for its extreme weather, rocky terrain and windy ways. The highest wind velocity ever recorded at any surface weather station belongs to Mt Washington at 231 mph.

Eight diverse, talented and teflon women climbed together this weekend in our first Lodge-to-Hut weekend adventure from Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. The 120 yr hut system was devised to provide refuge and meals to hungry hikers. We were edified by the “croo” (hut crews) with entertainment, education and hot meals at Lakes of the Clouds Hut, reportedly the most popular in the system. The overnight did not disappoint despite no shower, hot water, or electricity in our bunk room of 12 strangers turned friends. We wilderness women harnessed our physical strength, mental stamina and adventurous spirit to summit the northeast’s highest precipice in the east at 6300 ft. For those that don’t own hiking boots or a backpack, a Mt Washington climb is significant for a number of reasons:

1.  It’s hilly hard. Think one big tripping trap. Lots of rocks, little rest.

2.  The weather is highly unpredictable and potentially dangerous. The kill hill record currently stands at over 150 lives.

3.  It’s a multi-strength stretch assignment. Brains & beauty unite.

Our posse of packing mountain mamas brought their lust for life to the ascent. A land use attorney, a teacher, a memory making mom and her two daughters and a few seasoned entrepreneurs hoofed straight up the mountain to meet the vicissitudes of mountain life. The weekend weather predicted T-storms and lightening mixed with winds and wet weather. We showed up, stocked up and shuffled up Mt Washington’s steep steps and slippery trails. We left no stone unturned as we tested our mettle  along the miles of smiles and faces of occasional fear.

We revisited some universal truths about living well:

1.  Take calculated risks.

2.  Make new friends.

3.  Growth can be uncomfortable.

Sure, we could have played it safe with another delightful day at the Jersey shore, but then we wouldn’t have bonded with our inner outdoorswoman at such a high level(no pun intended). We wouldn’t have learned about eight kinds of cloud formations, the physics of wind or a the doggone wonder of mountain flora that stretches from New Hampshire’s White mountains to NJ(Labrador Tea).

Nike, the winged goddess of victory, would have been proud. We just did it with tenacity and teamwork. We will likely treasure this weekend trek for a lifetime. Learn more at to plan your next daring adventure. Do the training, make new friends, take risks and live well!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is the CEO/President of DLG Consulting, an integrated leadership training company that supports talent agility and skills development for professionals. Conference keynoter and executive coach, she delights in helping others develop resiliency and reinvention at

Photo above: DonnaLyn Giegerich and Tom Zapcic at home with their dogs – Hanna and Hank.

Their story is one of resiliency, community outreach and a passion for enriching the lives of others. Tom Zapcic and DonnaLyn Giegerich have been together for over 30 years and those years have been spent creating; creating award-winning businesses, ways to serve others, inspiration and encouragement. Their lives are filled with art, words and stories of making a difference. They live lives bigger than themselves. They are the inspiration behind Kick Cancer Overboard, an organization that was created to send those who have been affected by cancer on an all-expense paid cruise. Tom and DonnaLyn host ‘Yoga on the Lake’ in their serene backyard during the summer months, to relieve business and corporate stresses for executives – and anyone else that wants to join. DonnaLyn is a nationally known motivational speaker with a passion to help others improve their leadership lives. Tom is a talented photographer who gives of his skill to philanthropic organizations. As a couple, they work both individually and together, lending their talents to be a change in the world.

DonnaLyn and Tom have been community-minded from the start, living in health and productivity with a zest for life. When they found themselves facing their own personal health battles, they saw it as call to action for them to do, be and give more. “It was our dual cancer couple crisis that propelled us to redirect both our professional and personal lives in ways that empower others,”…

Please read the full article at Community Magazine NJ: Passion Projects: Red Bank Couple Enriches the Lives of Others

*Story: Shanna Polignone | Photo: Melissa Amorelli Photography

I met DonnaLyn a few years ago. To be quite honest, she is unlike anyone else I’ve ever met. But then again, her life has been unlike anyone else’s. She is warm, intelligent, eloquent, sweet, intense and, you can’t help but fall in love with her. She has a lot to say and when you’re around her, everyone seems to be listening only to her. In addition to being a nationally known motivational speaker, consultant, yoga instructor and wellness advocate, she is also the co-founder of the non-profit KickCancerOverboard. She is definitely one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Our interview is…

Please read the full interview at It’s Droolworhty’s website: “It’s Droolworthy” DONNALYN GIEGERICH – SPEAKER, CONSULTANT, COACH

Join us this Sat 2-4pm at Monmouth Park’s Turf Club for some stress busting yoga to benefit Women that Build at Habitat for Humanity. Look for local wellness leadership and enjoy a wide array of talented teachers while we network on and off the mat! $20pp Excited to be presenting with #SynergyYoga #MonmouthBeachYoga #AKneadedVacation #DNBEvents #DebHeptigYoga

I will be keynoting on effective leadership trends next week at another national business conference in Vegas. Have a favorite spa/show/yoga venue recommendation post business? Send your recommendations to for a free day pass to YogaOnTheLake this season. #SaturdaysRock #8:30AM #Memorial-LaborDay

Busy coaching leaders on presentation skills. Need a refresher? Mention this enews for a 10% discount. Offer through April 30. “Your expertise as a professional speaker is helping me uplevel my presentation skills at our events. Thank you for your honest, informed critique delivered in an encouraging manner!” Dawn D., Executive Director

We’re KickingCancerOverboard next to send more #ToSeaForFree at Runapalooza marathon. Want to join our NJMarathon April 30 volunteer teams? Send an email at to join the fun. Thanks for all you do!

DonnaLyn has been helping executives and leadership talent succeed with the intersection of her entrepreneurial, speaking and wellness life. Catch her between keynotes and client care at 732-547-0894 for a conversation about your goals.

Hosting international college students from around the globe for a decade has been incredibly enlarging, culturally and experientially. We’ve witnessed houseguests pursue academic excellence in chemistry to political science from Dubai to Beijing. Surveys indicate that more than 70% of millennial respondents consider themselves “global citizens.” How about you?

DonnaLyn – Speaker at Colts Neck Business Association Photo credit: Tom Zapcic Photography

In my presentation with the Colts Neck Business Association, we considered our international IQ. The attendee responses were exciting and insightful. Several of the business leaders in attendance were retired executives from global brands that concurred with Hofstede’s dimensions researched for our talk. Another entrepreneur was in business with a Brazilian partner and another was rapidly growing his customer base to include Far East Indians that value informed customer service. All of the above interactions require cultural and communication competencies to engage effectively. So how are you showing up? If you’re ethnocentric, you may want to join us for our next enlightening conversation or a culturally rich consult.  Go global!

Originally published Natural Awakenings Magazine April 2017 Issue 

A visit to the Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room at the Sacred Spaces exhibition at The Rubin Museum is an enlarging NYC day trip. The exhibition is entitled The Himala- yan Wind & Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room. The mission of the installation is to acquaint visitors with a traditional alter used for offerings, devotion and prayer in elaborate household shrines. The exhibition offers visitors an op- portunity to experience the sounds of the Himalayas which house the world’s highest elevated monasteries. These sounds include the flapping of prayer flags, the echo of high winds, the sounds of chanting and the interplay
of silence and mountain murmurs. The exhibition runs through June 5th 2017.

According to Wayne Teasdale, in his book The Mystic Heart, more and more people are being drawn to interspirituality as a faith tradition. In other words, as our global community evolves, our spiritual needs also vary during shifting times in our lives. Some- times an engrained spiritual practice takes precedent over philosophical beliefs or learned psychology concepts. Teasdale contends that more people are being drawn to a simultaneous com- bination of faith and belief paths. His coined term does not mean that a practitioner is not committed to any single tradition. They very well may be. He is simply suggesting that according to his research, celebrants are trending toward honoring more than one tradition today. Examples of this would be those that identify as Buddhist-Jews or Hindu Christians. Some blend even more belief systems to describe their spiritual preferences. The important point to note isthat for the first time in history, many feel safe to openly express these evolv- ing and expanding views.

Yoga is essentially a refining of consciousness. Buddhism focuses on living the teachings of The Buddha daily. Yoga and meditation are two of the most common ways to refine our thinking and behaviors to align with the teachings of The Buddha. The end goal is to achieve enlightenment which means to experience nirvana/bliss by ridding the self of the delusion of ego. In order to attain “Samadhi” which is the infinite, pure consciousness that transcends human suffering, one must embrace the Four Noble Truths. These tenants include knowledge of the fol- lowing:

• All life is suffering
• Suffering stems from desire
• There can be an end to desire
• If you follow the 8 fold path

The eight-fold path includes ways to live an honorable and worthy life accord- ing to The Buddha. The eight limbs of “right” living include right speech, right aspirations, right views, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindful- ness and right meditation. These central beliefs are supported by the customs of Buddhism as observed in this Tibetan Shrine Room, multi channel audio and video installation at The Rubin.

The practice of the faithful Bud- dhist includes meditation which can be done daily in the privacy of one’s home or at a Buddhist temple. Devotion ina private shrine room is similar to the experience in a temple in that devotees often have multiple Buddhas on display and signs of offerings on the alters at the shrines. Signs of veneration of The Buddha were evident on the busy alter. Multiple sized Buddhas were placed throughout the Shrine, as were many candles, animal artifacts, and prayer flags. Familiar images of yogis, sitting and standing in meditation were evi- dent throughout the exhibition.

According to Russell Paul in his book The Yoga of Sound, The Buddha was strongly influenced by yogic discipline which subscribes to the ultimate elimination of suffering for all. As we move into a global culture, yoga practitioners must pursue Samadhi or elimination of suffering for all people, not just Buddhists. This notion exempli- fies the true meaning and purpose of yoga, contrary to pop culture’s under- standing of yoga as a practice strictly limited to physical culture.

The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama that surrendered family wealth and royal standing at age 29 to live the life of a wandering ascetic to build compassion and connection with all that live and suffer. Buddhism’s additional beliefs in reincarnation and the universal laws of cause and effect(karma) were also on display at the Rubin exhibition in art, sculpture and artifact form. Namaste!

Collectivist cultures prioritize honoring community to “save face” at all costs. Individualistic societies, like most American’s, prioritize initiative and personal achievement as pillars of leadership success. The ability to meet every aspect of life with the same serene face is a challenge for many. Instead, we trip ourselves up by thinking we have to be different situational for business, one for relationships, one for our hobbies and another for health and wellness goals. This can be so exhausting! So, how do you save face?

When I coach leaders on communication and impact skills, we always work from a place of authenticity. Being a calm, centered leader in a fast changing world gives comfort to our teams, builds resilience and preserves our sense of self awareness. Tall order perhaps, but research shows the most effective leaders hone these skills daily. If you’re local, join us to assess your sociability and global citizenry skills. I’ll be presenting on “Being Social” at Teak Rooftop, Red Bank Tuesday April 4 6-9pm to benefit Habitat for Humanity. On Wednesday April 12 8am at Colts Neck Municipal Center, we’ll be talking about your International IQ as a global citizen with the Colts Neck Business Association.

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA, CIC, RYT
President, DLG Consulting Red Bank NJ
Keynotes, Business Consulting & Success Coaching..
@DonnaLynSpeaks on FB and Twitter

What’s Your Pivot Plan?

The winter season is a time of introspection, nesting and noticing a call for more quiet in our lives. We take cues from our beloved animals that hibernate and mother nature that ushers in seasonal changes to mirror our need for self reflection, deep rest and rejuvenation. The secular calendar reminds us to craft resolutions and the Solstice(Latin word for ‘stop’)encourages us to stand still to take stock. Once we’ve embraced these seasonal trends, how do we then forge on for renewed growth in the new year?

Here are three ways to craft a meaningful Pivot plan in 2017:

1. Lifeleaders that “play through the years” recognize that emotional agility is a key component to their successful lives. Much has been written lately on the importance of grit ( Angela Duckworth, PhD) and adaptability (Susan David PhD) as life skills to help us embrace disruptions in life. The good news is the ability to develop a meaningful “pivot plan” requires small, consistent changes that support our values to produce powerful results. The key, according to the research, is to prioritize self acceptance and to keep an open mind about our need for change in accordance with our inner wisdom and gut knowing. Small, conscious changes in alignment with the essence of who we are trumps big, dramatic shifts to impress others everytime. If your life is being directed by someone else’s expectations or another driving force that’s crippling your wellness and performance, it may be time to soul search during this Solstice season.

2. Lifeleaders embrace courage over comfort when it comes to crafting stretch goals in the new year. Moving forward to bring your best self forward produces its own rewards. If you’re considering a new career, starting a business or growing a family, ask others that have been there for wisdom, guidance and go to sources to empower your plan. Chances are there are blind spots you haven’t considered or untapped resources available to you that you didn’t even know existed before having these conversations. Going for what we’re passionate about even when we’re up against established interests or staggering odds can yield the sweetest returns on our efforts and enthusiasm. Never say never without doing the research first!

3. Lifeleaders know that the happiest people in the world are the ones that embrace a challenge with conviction for the benefit of the cause. They know shortcuts are few and that real results take time. They prepare their pivot plan with the understanding that the real joy of achievement is often in the struggle, not the prize. Learning to live for something outside themselves is the fuel that keeps their fire burning through all the seasons of their lives. Happy New Year!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is a resilient leader that embraces pivot planning for success. She is the co founder of KickCancerOverboard, a 501c3 that has helped send over 200 cruisers “to sea for free” after her dual cancer couple crisis. She is the President of DLG Consulting, a leadership training, keynote and coaching business in Red Bank, NJ. Learn more at

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA, CIC, RYT is the President of DLG Consulting, an empowerment speaking and training company. She is passionate about helping her clients improve their leadership lives. DonnaLyn has presented for corporations, medical conventions and leadership conferences to empower people and teams. Some of her clients include: Campbells, Novo Nordisk, Association of Professional Insurance Women and the National Kidney Registry.

DonnaLyn, will teach us how to improve our dominant messaging skills for more success in business and life. Learn more on LinkedIn/DonnaLynGiegerich, Facebook and Twitter @DonnaLynSpeaks


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